ABOUT tisha wood



Tisha Wood is a neo-impressionist artist whose life journey displays a strong palette knife stroke in oil and acrylic, as well as a delicate brush when painting plein-air with watercolors. Her signature work, graceful shapes and sultry colors, captures the sensitivity of an encounter with a person or place to bring you into that moment on canvas. 

Born in Nice, France her childhood was nurtured with the love for the vistas of her family’s origin “the isle of beauty,” Corsica. Her father, the writer Dr. Charles Balesi, was often assigned to Chicago, Il, where Wood was able to enjoy all the benefits of an addiction to the Chicago Art Institute at a young age. In her early years as a painter, Tisha received her formal art training through the Beaux Arts and as a protégé of the highly acclaimed Vermont artist Lillian Kennedy. Today Tisha Wood is part of the international Franco-American artist scene, delivering exquisite exhibits in both countries. 




  • Piece donation to the 31st Annual      Snowball Gala Chicago, Il. To help raise money for the Pediatric and      Adolescent HIV & AIDS Programs at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s      Hospital of Chicago. January 2019. 
  • “Beyond the Light”. Watergate      Gallery Annual Exhibit, Washington D.C. May 2019
  • City Hall at Quenza Corsica,      France. July 2019.
  • City Hall at Miomo, Corsica      France. July 2019.


  • “Journey to the Kankakee”. A one      woman exhibit for the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright at The Bradley      House, Kankakee, Il.  2018. 
  • “A Veteran’s Pallet”. A      two-day fine art workshop for veterans imparted next to the renowned      Master in the Arts, painter Lillian Kennedy. The Clear Path for Veterans      in Chittenango, N.Y. Sept, 2018
  • SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder,      Colorado.
  • The Musée Villa Ramelli-Gaspari Corsica, France, 
  • The St Julien Hotel for their      One-Woman Exhibit. 
  • Wood was the Artist in Residency      2016 at the Ragdale Foundation Chicago, Il. 
  • The Bolder Boulder race artist in      2017.