Art is not a question, for many of us, it is the answer. 


Thank You For Making It Possible

Our 2-day healing and discovering Fine Art Workshop was a success.

This program was imparted by the renowned Master in the Arts, painter Lillian Kennedy and the nationally recognized Franco-American artist Tisha Balesi Wood.

The event was held at the Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango, N.Y., September 14th and 15th 2018. 

Benefactors have enabled the participating veterans to explore the joy of creativity by expressing their individual paths through painting. 

We had the following titles for them:

1. Sponsor: 1 veteran 

2. Supporter Sponsor: 2 veterans

3. Gold Star Sponsor: 3 or more veterans.

We will thank our Sponsors with the inspiring story of a veteran you have touched through your generous gift. They will also receive a print of a beautiful painting accomplished by one of the participants. 

Each patronage included the following: 

· 12 hour workshop divided in 2 days. 

· The creation of two complete paintings. 

· All venue, supplies & qualified instruction.

· Amenities: food and beverages during breaks.

Until next year and thank you for being part of our 1st year's collaboration. 

For Information on the 2019 Workshop


Clear Path for Veterans,  contact SocialEngagement@clearpathforvets.com 

Lillian Kennedy lillian@rockfire.com

Tisha Balesi Wood tishawoodfineart@gmail.com